PEA_FlyingAce_BeautyShotKids loved the 3-D set-up of Snoopy chasing his nemesis, the red Baron, atop his doghouse with a trailing cloud dangling below. The standing Eiffel Tower becomes the game’s spinner and timer as kids race to make matches of the Peanuts’ characters. This is a wonderfully simple first game for kids with easy directions that combines a little pretend play, perfect for preschoolers. Flip over your stack of Peanuts characters and look for a match as your opponents do the same. Call out Sally, Linus, Schroeder, Charlie Brown, Lucy or Franklin when you see a match and place your colored coin on that player’s space on the board. If Snoopy’s cloud lands on your spot, you win. Don’t be fooled–behind the fun is some essential learning for kids as they make matches and attend to opponents’ characters flipped over as well as monitor where the cloud will stop. Kindergarten teachers often tell me that the most important skill they like to see in incoming students is the ability to sit and attend. Kids need to listen, focus and attend to take in essential oral directions and language lessons. Preschool is a great time to build those skills through a fun game like Snoopy’s flight around the game board.