Can I just start with the fact that I like the name, “People Blocks?” Right away we are pairing language and building for an open-ended  STEAM experience!  My little friend looked in the box and said, “I wanna do the playground,” as she opened up the scene that looked like a sandbox off a city street. She was drawn to the magic of magnets as she experimented with the different shaped blocks with circles on the magnetized sides. With a variety of shapes to draw from, 12 cubes, wheeled cubes, rectangles, people cones, seesaws and wedges, our little one was making her creations and adding them to the play mat. When asked, she pointed out her school bus, bridge and boy playing in the park. She certainly knew what she was making! These blocks grow with your child as they are easily stacked by a 1 year-old, made into simple structures like steps or a house at 2, become boats, seesaws, trucks or dinosaurs at 3 and represent more complex unique structures at 4. As their fine motor and cognitive skills build, children hone their story telling that takes off as their block structures have meaning for pretend play, reinforcing essential language skills for later reading and writing.

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