Peppa Pig Busy Day at SchoolJoin Peppa Pig and her animal friends Pedro Pony, Candy Cat and
Rebecca Rabbit during a busy day at school filled with learning, fun, and of course mud! “Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School” takes kids through a very silly, special talent day for Peppa and her classmates. At the end of a dynamic school day packed with counting, learning the alphabet, painting art, playing store, eating lunch, and making music, Peppa must reveal her special talent to the class. What unique talent will she choose to share when all of her best gifts seem to already have been taken by her friends? Well that’s easy; she is the top of her class when it comes to jumping in the mud! My little friend had a blast counting to ten with Peppa’s classmates, assisting the characters in identifying an object for each letter of the alphabet, and contributing to the percussion at music class by singing out the sounds of the instruments. This interactive book takes the adorable TV show characters and colorfully illustrates a lively tale that is perfect for story time or for preparing a child for a first day of school.

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