Piggy has a big run around job to do. First she drives her blue truck full of animals to deliver the cow, horse, chicken and mouse to their destinations–Book Store, Dentist, Pizza Parlor, and Paint Store. The animals fit in the four slots in the back of her truck as Piggy delivers them to their building of choice, sliding them through the slot in the roof. Players tell others why the Farm Friend needs to go to that location. Our friends said, “The Mouse Lady goes to the Book Shop to get comics!” while “the Horse goes to the Pizza Parlor to get pizza with oats, and hay.” Kids (and adult players) are encouraged to be creative in their reason for dropping the animal off at the building which will help them remember where the animal is later. Once they’ve been dropped off it is time to pick up the Farm Animals after a short visit. On your turn draw a driving card which shows a Farm Animal to pick up, Location card where you reduce your gas gauge, or Gas Station Card so you can fill up Piggy’s tank. In this cooperative game, players race to pick up all their Farm Friends before Piggy runs out of gas. Cooperative games build social language as players work together as a team, offer strategies and negotiate. Kids are building their memory and language association skills as they pair their animal hiding in a building for some reason, such as the cow’s tooth ache and the chicken’s desire to paint her eggs! What a fun way to learn.

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