SW_Pictopia_BeautyShotStar Wars fans will love Pictopia’s newest edition, challenging them with 1000 questions ranging from trivia tests related to helmets, devices used in battles, where scenes take place, what devices are designed for or what vehicles are used for. “Which one of these devices protects the Death Star II from attack?” or “Which 2 of these vehicles are piloted by Jedi?” show the detail to which players must know their Star Wars movies. Before hearing the question read aloud, players wager 1-5 points on their ability to correctly answer the question, based on the four scenes pictured on the card to be the subject of the question. A roll of the dice determines if you answer questions as a group or individual, and which question to read aloud. When asked which vehicle hauls ore, the group began formulating their answer. One boy started defending his choice for submission, “This one (Sandcrawlers), because it’s in the desert. Not those flying vehicles because they hover. It’s easier if they are hauling ore on the ground.” Yup! He was right. When rolling another option, “Force Questions” players try to match the Host’s answer to a personal question related to the pictures such as, “Which one of these things would I most like to own?” As the host, I answered personally, as other players tried to guess what I said. (Of course, I had to have some help identifying the pictures) but they correctly guessed that I would prefer a light saber over a bomb, person in carbonite, or something that shocks you, in their words! I was amazed at the level of knowledge my teammates had about Star Wars adventures. When I asked if we should play another round, one boy said, “No, I want to do the whole deck!” This game is clearly challenging, fun, and stimulates lots of comparative and evaluative conversation, as the players decide on and defend their answers.