56002_a_MWF12_MUse your creativity to match one of your wacky PicWits photo cards to the judge’s caption card. What pictured person, animal or situation illustrates captions like, “No one understands me,” “You first,” or “It doesn’t get any better than this?” Everyone has a different take on what fits but ultimately you win the round by pleasing the judge! Many levels of language are being tapped as the captions include abstract questions, “Why me?” idioms and expressions, “It’s never too late,”  and descriptive vocabulary, “Awkward.” Players select from the 504 real, twisted or tongue-in-cheek photos to match to the abstract concepts represented in the captions. Further, the challenge is to choose a photo that you think the judge will pick to win that round. Laughs abound as players make some crazy match-ups which might even win!

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