51lefXoA77LKids were fascinated when I arrived with my self-contained “Treasure Chest,” anxious to open the case to discover the fun.  Little hands got to work, taking a ride in the rowboat, landing at the dock, greeting the parrot, discovering the treasure chest filled with gold coins and blasting the enemy with the working cannon. The background pictures provided story telling prompts as pirates decided the big ship was a threat and took aim with the cannon. The gun, sword and knife are at the ready for hunting and protecting their turf. The best part of this portable play is that when you want to move your pirate island to another spot, just unsnap the two land masses, swivel the dock up, and close up shop. A favorite with kids, this Pirate Treasure Chest builds language skills as kids create and revise their stories, getting ready for reading and writing.

Available at Playmobil. Click here