Think Tank Scholar has a passion for helping students learn critical skills like phonemic awareness, reading, and math. The Pocket Math Flashcards Box Set includes 76 cards per operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). 

These flashcards are great for learning the fundamentals of math in preparation for more complex concepts. Each box includes six different teaching methods to better help students understand concepts, not just rote memorization. For instance, using strategies like skip counting and finding patterns as you move across the number line. 

Think Tank Scholar is always finding ways to challenge students too. These math flashcards also include word problems for each box set, incorporating language into mathematical learning. Students can apply math concepts to real world situations. Using verbal word problems is great for learning synonyms. For instance add, plus, and and all mean the same thing in a word problem. Sum, in total, and all together all cue the student that addition is the necessary operation.

There was awesome language learning in the verbal problem solving. For instance, in the addition pack, one problem read “If you have 4 guitars and 2 drums, how many musical instruments do you have in total?” There was awesome opportunity to talk about categories, same/different, and of course practicing the math concept of addition.

The Pocket Math Flashcards Box Set is a fun and effective way to supplement mathematical learning for school aged children.