This adorable playset includes everything you need to create a hair salon experience. Sally the pony is the star in this two level salon suite where imaginations grow and language skills flourish.

This uniquely designed salon includes several large furniture pieces like a chair and vanity, hair washing sink and reception desk. These different settings within the playset allow a child to form story schemas. Schemas are short sequences of how events usually go. Children typically begin playing this way after age 2. It allows for scaffolding of language skills as children narrate and describe what’s happening.

“Hello, welcome to Sally’s Salon. Will you be getting your hair washed today? Or just decorated?” – 4 year old.

Our 4-year old toy tester is using language in a variety of ways. She practiced using schemas — for instance washing hair first, then “decorating,” dialogue with a customer, and of course use of new vocabulary (e.g. “decorated” vs. styled).

Sally has plenty of accessories for complete hair care. Added colorful hair extensions, headbands, hair clips, and of course a hair dryer, brush and more. These 40 tiny accessories allowed for strengthening of fine motor skills as children pinched and grasped them during play. These accessories also allowed for rich storytelling as the plot moved along. Sometimes in a predictable sequence — and other times not! But that’s the beauty of pretend play.

Children will love the opportunity for creative expression both artistically and through language, as Sally spends her day in the salon. Pony’s Stylish Hair Salon by Calico Critters is fantastic for independent or cooperative play, building fine motor skills, advancing language development, and expressing oneself.

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