The Pop & Discover Shape Sorter from The Learning Journey International is one toy with multiple ways to play. With 10 activity sides, it will keep little fingers busy, neurons firing, and words flowing. This shape sorter offers multi-sensory enriching play experiences that will create opportunities for new word learning and connection with a caregiver.

The classic shape sorter feature aids in developing fine motor skills and promotes cognitive skills such as categorization and problem-solving. Through manipulating the shapes and fitting them into the corresponding spots, children learn about spatial relationships and develop hand-eye coordination.

Each shape also has a picture on it, which was great for learning new words through repetition. A bumble bee is printed on the hexagon, a snail on the circle, and a bird on the heart, for instance. This created more opportunities to create a language rich environment as creatures crawled, creeped, flew during play. Tiny hands were eager to slide through the elastic ropes to do it all over again.

We sorted, we rolled, and we popped as we played. The six poppers were so entertaining as each provided a bit of auditory and tactile feedback, reinforcing cause-and-effect relationships.  The soft rattle beads captured attention with their auditory, tactile and and visual stimuli too.

The Pop & Discover Shape Sorter is a versatile educational toy that offers multiple ways to play. It fosters language development through vocabulary and prepositions, cognition through problem solving and  for speech and spatial awareness and fine motor development. Each of these meaningful play experiences offer a new way to experience the world, laying a foundation for lifelong learning.

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