Babies will love their workout with this Pop and Swap Gym by Infantino with so much flexibility to vary the opportunities for discovery and language learning. This entertainment center can be adapted to different stages of a baby’s development from a  lie on your back infant gym, to propped up tummy time, sit and play or crib time. Customize the features of the gym to a child’s interests with interchangeable pods with mirrors, swirling balls or pictures of friendly characters, as well as swappable hanging toys to swat and reach for. Language learning occurs as babies explore their environment and adults feed them the language associated with their interest. If the baby is reaching for the bird with rings, parents should say, “Yes, that’s the little squishy orange bird with the heart-shaped wing and pointed yellow beak. He’s sitting on a crinkly, fuzzy,  green  leaf and holding on to a yellow and blue ring.” The beauty of this gym is that it grows with your child as well as provides a flexible learning environment that can be changed up to provide expanded language input.

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