The combination of  balls and trucks is a winner with toddlers! This bulldozer can be on the go or kids can sit and explore the different activities. Load the balls into the cab, give the truck a push and the colorful balls pop out of the chimney, into the front shovel which sends them flying back into the cab! Kids watch with fascination as most balls land in the cab. This little truck provides plenty of narration, “Let’s head to the site!” and “I’m the team leader, I’m ready to lead the way,” that related to the activity, building language skills as children hear appropriate phrases describing their action. Sit down with your little truck and press the buttons for more learning fun. This bulldozer gives directions to follow, “Drop a ball into the top of my cab,” or “Can you press the purple button?” Kids learn colors, numbers, construction vocabulary, counting and rhyming, “Everything’s all right. Let’s head to the site!” as well as popular songs and melodies.  Working the construction site has never been so much fun!

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