How can a tool bench fit in that small box? The magic is in the unfolding of the durable canvas cover that slips over a chair, gets tied on and is ready for play! The back of the chair is covered with a pretend peg board and loops to store your saw and hammer while the seat serves as a perfect bench for construction projects. Wooden hardware that is included in this set includes screws, bolts, flat backs, gears, wheels and planks with holes for building fun. A wooden shelf drops down for tool storage also or your little friend might prefer to fill his tool belt for easy access. Two large canvas “drawers” (slots) with felt handles also keep tools at the ready. Grandparents and parents with limited space for toys as well as therapists and teachers especially love this Pop Oh Ver theme of having a large pretend play platform fit back into a small box. Little builders that engage in pretend play are building their language skills through conversation, and story telling.

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