The magic begins when you open the box, unfold your canvas Ice Cream Shop, and slip it over a chair to reveal a red striped awning, “Ice Cream Flavors” sign and freezer door. Food, sundae bowls and spoon accessories are included so kids can start taking orders immediately. Do you want a cone or dish? Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? What topping–chocolate, butterscotch or cherry? And of course some people can’t pass up the whipped cream with a cherry on top! Popsicles and an ice cream sandwich are included for those who prefer a different frozen treat that day. The pretend food is a bit like little bean bags, made of soft cloth–corduroy and plush–with weighted material inside, providing a wonderful sensory experience for kids to feel, squeeze, and weigh in their hands.This set is an especially welcome toy at this time of change for kids as they experience all different options for school and some need a sensory play break from time on screens. Preparing these ice cream specials while handling the cloth foods can help kids regulate their emotions and maintain a longer attention span. Besides that, a pretend play break energizes anyone and builds language skills through practice in conversation and story telling.

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