Pop Up Shops are my favorites because they have an element of surprise. You never know where they are going to show up–in this case, could be in the kitchen or on the patio for a little shopping. Hape’s incredibly sturdy Pop Up Shop is ready for business as little ones step behind the counter to take your orders, add up your purchases on the calculator or swipe your credit card. There’s plenty of room for merchandise with five shelves to fill. As one parent said, “It could turn into a flea market!” You can certainly stock it with Hape’s beautiful pretend food but also gather empty boxes or containers from the house for further pretend play. I love the chalk board on the front for advertising specials which by the way is a wonderfully fun way to practice writing skills as well as reading. The illustrations on the back of the shop generate conversation as children ask for some tomatoes, lemons, jam, milk, pasta, watermelon or eggplant.  Children learn more language as they imitate experiences in their lives and certainly a trip to the market is familiar and fun for them. Now they can run the market as well as lead the play!

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