Spring time is the perfect time to do some planting! Poppy the Count and Stack Flower Pot will get your little one excited about counting, planting, and learning!

With all pieces self-storing, there are 6 green flower stems and 6 colorful flowers. This two-piece stackable toy adds double the fine motor practice as kids push and pull the stems and flowers from their spots. They’re strengthening muscles in their wrist, thumb, and forefinger as well as developing coordination when one hand holds the pot steady and the other pulls the flower. This seems simple during play, but it’s a skill that transfers to other skills like scissor use and holding one piece of paper as the other one writes.

The flowers are numbered to reinforce counting, number identification and recognition. We used the yellow bumble bee flower (not numbered) as a place holder when counting. For example: “1, 2, 3, BEE, 5. What number should we put there?” Our toy testing toddlers loved calling out the correct number. Poppy also helped to  practice sequencing words like “first, next, then,” and “last,” which is an important skills for narrative development as children string together events.

We planted, we hid the flowers, and we matched colors around the room to each flower. There was so much learning in this toy. Our toy testers were engaged and their budding curiosity and imagination only grew with each activity.

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