Treat your family to a magical Christmas with Portable North Pole’s 2019 toys and gifts collection of plush reindeer, owlet, activity book, Do-Good Deeds Game, Story Activity Book, Magical Elf Door, Santa Letter Kit and more! The products encourage child interaction, good behavior and thoughtful deeds toward others. As a speech pathologist I especially like the new Hani Reindeer and Senoki the Owlet plush as they come with a special request from Santa, help teach Hani how to do good deeds, be kind, brave and have loads of fun while children are asked to help Senoki overcome her fear of the dark! By teaching their furry friends through role-playing, children can learn to define and practically explain such concepts as how to show kindness and display bravery as well as overcome fears. As children increase their “emotional vocabulary” they are building their EQ, Emotional Quotient, and become better able to regulate their own emotions and show empathy toward others. Hani and Senoki can help start the conversation. Both plush also come with a secret code to unlock a personalized message from Santa and your plush. The “Do-Good Deeds Game” also promotes kindness, empathy, manners and responsibility as kids and adults have their own deck of “Good Deed” cards from which to draw and complete each day. “Give someone a hug who looks like they need one,” “Give someone a thoughtful compliment” or “Give something to someone less fortunate.” Actually the fun will be in reporting back what you did and how you decided to do that. A first grade teacher was very interested in using the decks with her classroom leading up to Christmas. It supports the giving and love behind Christmas and teaches children important concepts to navigate life.

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