Get ready to learn practical life lessons as you and your friends buy an old house to share, only to find out it leaks heat and wastes energy while eating up your budget! Players work to change habits and invest in energy efficient products and services to maximize their impact on the environment. PowerHaus has the framework of Monopoly as you earn  energy savings dollars, while learning positive habits and wisely choosing services and products to increase energy efficiency. Players move through the rooms of the house where they draw behavior cards showing ways to save or waste energy. Leaving your computer, TV or video game on all the time, even when you aren’t playing, docks a player 100 Adventcoins, while using the washing machine only when full and during the night when energy is cheaper earns you 50 Adventcoins. Players must leave the house to buy energy efficient services and products at the three commercial buildings, Hardware, Appliances, and Building Contractor. Choose between two buying options, such as an air conditioner with the best energy efficient rating or install solar lamps in the yard instead of traditional ones. Each option has a price to pay and value in Adventcoins that you will collect once back inside the house. At the start of each turn while in the house, players add up their energy savings, subtract their waste card numbers and collect or deposit with the bank. Clever twists and turns come into play when players use the power of their smart buttons to eliminate waste cards or kindly give them to an opponent! Players loved the challenge of thinking critically, comparing buying options and energy ratings and solving problems to attain the highest energy efficiency while holding on to the most money. Adventerra Games is doing a wonderful job of teaching care for our planet while challenging young minds and creating a fun way to learn!

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