Think Tank Scholar continues to bring us products that “inspire a lifetime love of creative thinking and learning,”  and have just introduced Flashcards for the preschool set. This Learning Bundle contains core preschool concepts and skills from the Alphabet, Colors and Shapes and Numbers and Counting to First Words with Opposites and Rhyming, preparing our little ones for kindergarten. Each pack has bright, engaging real world photographs to identify, read and “play” with incorporating six teaching methods and six suggested games per theme pack. Alphabet Flash Cards can be used in “Whack-A-Vowel, as cards are flipped over, the first player to slap the card and name the vowel gets to keep the pile. In Colors and Shapes, kids can play “Road Trip” where they take turns drawing a shape card and finding that shape or color in the scenery they are passing outside. Rhyming games boost phonological awareness, essential to reading as well as build listening skills for final sounds and patterns. Families can play “Word of the Day” where a word is chosen and each time a learner points out something that rhymes with that word throughout the day, they get points and praise! These flashcards are so inviting and interesting to kids and serve as a launching point for further learning after identifying the pictures. While relating the words to everyday experiences, practicing pre-literacy skills through games, or using a multi-sensory approach to representing a concept, like building a shape out of clay, kids learn language through practical experience.

Available here at Think Tank Scholar.