princessOpen up this pink palace to reveal an incredible number of accessories and beautifully illustrated grand interior including the bedroom, kitchen, dressing room and garden room surrounding the great hall. And that is just what is pictured on the walls! Now add the 28 accessories and 16 pieces of interlocking double-sided path for garden walks or rides in the wooden horse-drawn carriage. Wooden stand-up figures of three princesses, the prince and horse and carriage move through and around the castle engaging in their activities thanks to all the cardboard props to invite some language building as kids create their stories. Pull a chair up to the banquet table set for 10 in the grand¬†hall, do some primping in front of the mirror, enjoy a cake at a smaller place setting or promenade through the rose arches. This sturdy set is filled with possibilities for imaginative play, ready for a child to step in. My little friend loved the horse whose saddle snuggly fit to pull the carriage around the grounds and invite princesses for a ride. The “path” pieces were decorated in brick, floral, plank, water and checkerboard patterns to give a variety of destinations. Let the language learning fun begin!

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