Babies and toddlers love this playful elephant that can be pulled, pushed or given a rest while kids explore and learn. Move it along and watch her ears flap, and companion birdie wiggle on her back. This well-designed elephant companion is a perfect size for 1 year-olds and older as they crawl, walk or sit and start interacting with the buttons to learn colors, shapes, numbers (“One bird, red triangle”) and hear questions (“Where is the zebra?”) and turn the animal light up spinner  to hear fun facts about the 6 pictured animals. “The hippo swims in the pool.” “The lion likes to roar, rooooar.” Kids learn new vocabulary more readily when they hear the associated words related to their play. The music mode plays rhyming songs related to the animals. “I’m an elephant big and strong. I have a trunk that’s very long.” This elephant has so much to offer a playmate–language learning involving vocabulary, concepts like colors, numbers and shapes, rhyming melodies, listening skills and answering questions. What a perfect buddy to entertain AND teach!

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