Two awesome play activities in one! MindWare’s Puzzle & Play combines the incredible learning benefits of puzzles with pretend play. There are two awesome themes to this line, including Construction Site and Fantasy Funland where kids create and tell stories.

The Construction Site Puzzle & Play consists of a 2D active construction site with digger trucks, dump trucks, backhoes, and workers. It’s a busy spot and lots to talk about. Construction workers, surveyors, and engineers rally together to design and build. The best part of Puzzle & Play is the included 3D trucks. Kids loved the driving their cement truck, road roller, dump truck around the roundabout and past the park.

The Fantasy Funland Puzzle & Play is the perfect 2D setting for all things mythical. The included 3D figures are a princess, a mermaid, and a fairy. Our puzzlers loved using their imaginations to feed dragons, ride unicorns, swim with narwhals, and take picnic breaks next to an enhanced castle. With a busy scene, our storytellers were hard at work discovering the different parts of this map!

Puzzle & Play is double the fun with double the learning benefits. Kids practiced spatial awareness, understanding and use of prepositions, problem solving and perseverance when completing the puzzles. Afterwards, they honed in on storytelling skills by using new vocabulary, sequencing events and engaging their imaginations.

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