Kids, teachers and parents love Q Wunder, which now brings to life practical learning about emotions through EQtainment’s new app. Beautifully illustrated and engaging curriculum, for classroom and family time, employs fun videos with cartoons and real people helping kids understand important EQ concepts like empathy, point of view, flexibility, patience, helping, friendship, motivation, problem solving, focus, know yourself, grit, emotions, responsibility and manners. Lessons are artfully explained on a child’s level, illustrated through a game where children get to “DO” some identifying of that concept in every day experiences and listen to songs that reinforce learning. Sofia talks to Q about walking in someone else’s shoes–feeling what he’s feeling, while trying to understand someone else’s point of view.  Now it’s time to play WISE, Walking In Somebody Else’s Shoes. Photos illustrate emotions such as “proud,” “determined” or “disappointed,” as  kids try to discern what it feels like to be the person pictured. Kids are given cues to further understand another’s emotions, to ask what it’s like to be in their shoes, or to look for body language clues as well as role-play a situation with props t0 “feel” what they feel.  Put on a baseball cap and hold a bat to feel what it’s like to be a batter up with 2 outs. Original music that kids love and repeat underlies the lessons, “I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from,” as videos illustrate situations spelled out on signs, “1st day of school,”  “alone” at the lunch table,” “new in town” stepping into gym class, or “left out” of a basketball game. Each vignette offers an excellent opportunity for discussion and further illustrations of essential EQ vocabulary and real life applications.  Our 4 1/2 year-old testers could not get enough of learning alongside Q, “I love this!”  Best of all, we found ourselves applying the lesson’s practical applications soon after. While waiting for me to set up a game, my friend said, “Waiting is boring!” to which I replied, “Let’s practice a little patience like Q.” So we started singing a song with hand movements, just like Sofia taught us! This app teaches EQ (Emotional Intelligence), building language skills to support naming emotions, identifying them in others, reading social situations and choosing appropriate behaviors related to our own feelings and others. What a fun way to raise our children’s awareness of their emotions, building social skills and practicing better behavior.

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