e6017a-space-city-2Hape describes their newest glow-in the dark Quadrilla Space City as “Construction and Connectivity”. So much of the learning is in the building and connecting both physically and verbally. Our family of kids explored the pieces and got to work, using a little trial and error as they discovered how the colored wooden blocks differed in function. The slide drops the marble out the side, the switch is a randomizer sending the marble to one side and then the other, and the vortex funneled the ball down to the middle hole. It was fun to withhold the directions and let the kids figure out how to construct a city that would propel a marble through the cosmos without stopping. “Here, try this one.” “I need one that shoots out the side.” We finally realized that the ramps are flat while the marble picks up speed from the vertical drops. Lots of conversation ensued on the direction, combinations of pieces, and the need for accelerators or plugs for the holes. Now it’s time to try our marble run through space. Because we tested our run a bit at a time as we were building, we made it through to the marble pool! Add the Go and Glow Removable Stickers and turn off the lights to take on an atmosphere of racing through the cosmos. Place or fly your space vehicles for further pretend play and the story starts over with a new structure. More than just a STEM toy, Space City builds language when kids work cooperatively, negotiate, solve problems and use trial and error to collaborate on their city. What a fun way to learn!

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