This cute game of tossing toppings and pickles comes in a cardboard hamburger box to add to the fun. Players draw patties, ketchup, cheese,tomato, lettuce, mustard, onion and pickles and follow the directions on the card. If you are too slow to cover your Mustard Mouth or hold your nose for the Stinky Onion, you have to give away pickles. Pick a Rhyme-mato or Category Ketchup card and you call out a word that rhymes with those on the card or an item in the list of categories–cookies, bodies of water, or brands of cereal. This fast paced game requires kids to think and act quickly to keep their pickles so to speak. Stacking toppings on your burger was never quite so much fun with a little learning on top. Naming within categories and rhyming words build vocabulary, processing and reading skills while collecting pickles!

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