Travel to the dynamic city of Astoria, where business tycoons will meet their matches to become the leader in an ever-changing market. Raccoon Tycoon is a strategic game where players gain points as they build towns, buildings, and railroads in hopes to come out on top.

The game lasts about 60 minutes for 2 players, but longer for up to 5 players. With multiple parts, it can be intimidating at first, but once you get going – it’s fun and easy to play. It was a great game for teaching money management, how the market changes, and kids practiced math and multiplication too.

It’s great for the business minded kids and money smart wannabes. Players must attempt to produce the most valuable commodities in a dynamic marketplace as the price of commodities goes up and down. It’s a great introduction to economic principals and a hands-on way to understand market growth. On a turn, players have a choice to buy or sell commodities (at current market value), purchase buildings, buy towns, or hold an auction for a railroad. Buy low and sell high!

The artwork is detailed and whimsical. Kids loved seeing adorable forest animals all dressed up in fancy clothes. The quality of the manipulatives of the game (building tiles, commodity tokens and player marker) were sturdy and fun too.

Overall, this multiplayer board game was awesome for learning basic economics, where the ever-changing market is all player-driven.  Players are often interacting with each other during turns, which makes for great conversations and teaching when mixing adults and kids in the gameplay. Will you find fortune in Raccoon Tycoon?

Available at Forbidden Games and Amazon