Step2 steps it up with their new Rain Showers Splash Tub. It’s an adorable “galvanized” tub with faux wood accents that allows for 360 degrees of multi-sensory play and encourages STEM learning, imagination, language and social development.

The tub has a rain shower feature that simulates rainfall, which is great for stimulating the sense of touch. Kids can feel the sensation of water droplets falling on their skin, which can be a great source of sensory stimulation. Additionally, the tub comes with a variety of accessories, such as cups and scoops, which can be used to manipulate and pour the water, They enjoyed the repetitive movement of scooping and pouring, watching the water slowly fall.

The tipping water bucket and spout with spinner had tons of hidden learning, like cause and effect understanding, predictive thinking, and trial and error. Children scooped, dunked, poured, and splashed — using these new words and phrases during play. They practiced turn taking, observation, and imaginative play as the frog, duck, and fish (included!) took place in their new habitat.

Our older splashers eventually started a game of sink or float, as they took various objects from nature and made predictions. With so many different accessories, 360 degrees of play, the Rain Showers Splash Tub by Step2 is a great outdoor activity for learning, playing, and talking. It provides a fun and engaging way for children to explore the properties of water while stimulating their senses and building their language skills. If you’re looking for a toy that will keep your kids entertained and engaged for hours, the Rain Showers splash tub is it!

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