Rainbow Jellies have so many elements of learning fun for kids who can open the 25 surprise windows on the box to reveal the components to make four Rainbow Jelly figures. Custom design your Rainbow Jelly, choosing a face, multi-colored hair, and glittery colored goo placing them in the cloud mold. Parents will love that the goo is self-contained in a plastic mixing bag that attaches to the mold for a no-mess filling. Wait 45 minutes and you have your unique Rainbow Jelly for collecting and pretend play. These little friends have a sensory element to them too with the squishy goo and textured hair to give kids something to squeeze and feel, helping to regulate emotions. The moulds become keychains and little charms can adorn their hair. Children exercise language skills through acting out stories through pretend play, building pre literacy skills getting ready for reading and writing.

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