Introducing the Randimals! Nine exotic creatures that are made up of two different animals. Each with their own personality, strengths and skills, and animal instincts. These unique friends will intrigue and ignite children’s imaginations.

Randimals are available in both plush and figure versions so that children of all ages can savor play in so many different ways. Nearly every caregiver has witnessed the enchanting imaginative play that children engage in when they have a toy that they love.

These unique toys are sure to spark imagination and adventure. Our toy testers immediately began to create beautiful scenarios where flying leopards rescued running sharks. Tigers with bushy tails shared food with waddling sea dogs. Zealous conversation ensued as children created numerous play scenarios and each Randimal had a special role showing off their incredible strengths.

“What makes us different, makes all the difference in the world.”

Randimals embrace the differences between these mixed animals. These creatures become the launching pad into a greater conversation about acceptance and understanding of what makes us all different. Different languages, different races, cultures, or even something as simple as food preferences. Understanding that we’re all different becomes the beginning of a wonderful journey of self-discovery, harmony, love and friendship.

Not only do the Randimals bring out incredible imaginative play, but there are delightful “extras” that allow children to connect with their new friends. Parents can simply fill out a form to have their child’s favorite Randimal send a personalized message.

The Randimals fun and exotic plush and figure toys will appeal to children young and old. It’s magnificent to witness how children play through novice and familiar play schemas as their unique friends describe adventure through different events and experiences. Children use language to engage in rich vocabulary and conversation as they adapt new ideas for expanded learning.

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