Ocean Labyrinth_SmallOcean Labyrinth is Ravensburger’s newest version of their popular classic, which we’ve enjoyed as a family for many years. Now players can dive into an exciting underwater world, in search of a jelly fish, shipwreck, whale, sea turtle or stingray, among others. Following simple instructions that require complex thinking and strategizing, players can shift one pathway in the labyrinth with a maze tile to help his diver clear the pathway to his targets. Since the game board is always changing with each slide of a tile, players must adjust their strategy. This game requires spatial skills to see what options are for furthering your path to the target as well as memory, reasoning, and cause-effect as one holds on to different options and the consequences of different possible moves. “Oh no, I need that, ” “I’m trapped,” and “Oh wait, I can’t move that piece” was common as players realized they had to change their moves. My friends liked the slower pace of this game that allowed for lots of thinking through different possible routes. “I like it, it’s challenging,” spoke to the fun learning potential in this classic game.

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