How can a little reindeer bring joy and fun to the Christmas season? My little friends loved hearing his story in the accompanying book, “Reindeer in Here, A Christmas Friend,” as the reindeer can become your child’s first gift of the Christmas season, arriving for the month of December, palling around as they snuggle, giggle, read, go to school or play. This little reindeer with mismatched antlers is a good kind of different and wants to spread the message that children are unique too in their likes, dislikes and adventures. He is to report back to Santa each night so Santa can know your child too and what his wishes are for Christmas. Kids name their reindeer buddy, ours was dubbed “Bob.” “Why?” we asked. “Because he looks like a Bob,” of course! Created by a Dad, who happens to be a TV producer, “Reindeer in Here” is a sweet, simple tradition to enjoy with your family. As a speech pathologist, I have to offer how you can add in some fun learning, since at the end of each day, your reindeer is supposed to report back to Santa. Have your child narrate the note to Santa as you write down what he and his reindeer pal did that day, liked and didn’t like or who they played with. It’s a fun exercise in memory, sequencing and language skills. Or if your child it old enough to try writing the note herself, add in some writing practice. This story also inspires good conversations about celebrating the differences as our little reindeer has friends who are a bit different too–a snowman with a candy cane nose, a polar bear with only 3 hairs, and a seal with a permanent smile. It’s never too early to get ready for Christmas, starting a new tradition that can inspire learning and loving!

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