imgres-7Resulta, one of a new family of games in Hape’s Home Education category, targets sequencing, story telling and logic as kids have to correctly place 3 picture cards in order. Themes include a hen laying an egg with the resulting chick, caterpillar becoming a butterfly painting a picture, making a snowman, and making a sandwich, to name a few. Children apply sequencing skills over and over as they enter kindergarten and first grade and identify the beginning, middle and end of a story and begin to discuss how the characters change and essential story parts to get ready for writing. My little friend said, “Which one’s the first one?” as he began to order the picture cards. He was learning to use the vocabulary of story sequence. After kids master the 3 card sequences, the wooden cards can be flipped over for a game of Memory. What a fun way to get ready for school success, practicing essential language learning through play!

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