Our famous pup, Rocket who learned to read is back to lead us through the process of writing his first story. Rocket’s love of books and words inspired him to sniff out some new words like ¬†buttercup, feather, and nest to start his collection for little yellow bird teacher. But, “What are you going to do with all those words?” Rocket declared his intention to write a story but soon found it wasn’t that easy. Author Tad Hills assures little ones that they are not alone as they stare at a blank piece of paper, stumped as to where to start. Little yellow bird offered thoughtful suggestions to get the story started–write about something you’ve seen, that’s happened to you, what you enjoyed, or inspires you. As with many authors, Rocket took a walk for inspiration. This book offers so many lessons on the writing process for first time writers–how to generate a story idea, be patient, revise, revise, take a break and get feedback from friends! Rocket Writes a Story is a prefect read-aloud for kindergarten and first grade classes as they start their writer’s workshops and brainstorm for that exciting idea to turn into a story!