GAMEWRIGHT-6331Get ready Batman fans, “Once upon a crime…” has never been so much fun than with Rory’s Story Cubes. My friends needed no instructions as they started right in, narrating a story, “Batman is chasing Two-Face and the Riddler. Not knowing how to stop them, Batman put up a Bat-sign (Bat-Signal) calling for help. Time was running out (Egg timer).” Even though my two friends had ironically watched a Batman episode the night before, they loved referring to the Icon Guide, “I need to know what the symbols are.” They had no trouble inventing their story with all the requisite characters and action props–grappling hook, bomb, tracking bug, or Batarang–as well as locations–Wayne Manor, alley, Gotham City, Batcave or Arkham Asylum. With 9 cubes and 36 possible images, kids could go in many directions with their story. Our authors used the more specific icons to anchor their story while creatively interpreted some of the more vague drawings for their purposes. The three stars represented a “war” in Wayne Manor, while the fist was used to illustrate Batman bursting the doors open. The utility belt sparked, “Batman realized the building was under construction.” What fun to watch little minds work, create and build stories, linking ideas with phrases like, “To his surprise,” and practicing the art of storytelling, strengthening reading and writing skills.

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