2015Moomin-1Kids opened Rory’s Story Cubes’ compact carrying case and couldn’t wait to roll the icon dice and start their story of Moomintroll’s next adventure. This family of likable trolls explore with their cast of characters, including Sniff, Snorkmaiden, Little My, Edward the Booble and Hermulen, each with a distinct personality, adding to the invented story. Even if players weren’t familiar with the Moomin’s tales, they quickly picked up some of the character’s traits from my brief introduction or interpreted the drawings or names, weaving them into their  story. Little My’s cranky face  lead to a storyline, “They were mining for diamonds while Little My stole the gems for herself!” or “They found some berries for Moominmamma’s jam.”

Cubes representing weather and locations generated the setting from a snowfall in the forest to a leaf falling, in the mountains, near a river (bridge), or the rough sea. Inspired by the Moomins’ simple tales, kids even added a bit of technology, “When they went into the monster’s cave, luckily they had phones to light up (sun icon) the walls!” Children enjoyed being the solo author as well as adding on to a group story. They were even inventive in how they physically used the cubes, lining them up as they added to the plot or grouping them in 2-3 as they had little subplots of hiking the  mountains, and setting up camp at the docks. Children practice essential language skills as they choose characters, decide on a setting, plot, and problem to solve and conclude their story manipulating the representative drawings to support their story, all while totally captivated by the fun!