RSC106_PackagingSingle_3DR_rgbMy little friends apparently needed no instructions to start up a Scooby-Doo themed story with the newest Rory Story Cubes. “The gang was in this hotel when they discovered it was haunted. The door sprung open and a hand popped out with no body…” They were following the Scooby-Doo format to investigate clues and reveal the identity of the monster. Our story included the sheriff (hat) a ghost (pirate), flying down a clothes chute to escape, and resolution with a celebration of ice cream sundaes. I love to watch how kids interpret the icons literally and figuratively. A zig-jagged circle was interpreted as lightning, explosion, “poof” or idea. The torch when turned upside down became a broom to them. My personal favorite is an upside down box with walking feet under it which kids identified as mysterious, suspicious, spying and sneaky. The key names each icon which helps identify story characters but I love to tuck that away and let kids be free to interpret in creative ways. An excellent vehicle to practice story-telling and become confident authors, Rory’s Story Cubes continue to give us fun new themes that excite kids’ imaginations and build language skills.

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