gw064Take a trip with Rory’s Story Cubes Voyages, using the 54 images to generate epic stories! Players took off in many directions, inspired by the 9 6-sided cubes depicting images from a pirate, giant, staircase, glasses, cracked egg, to a musical note, puzzle piece or rain cloud. Our players enjoyed solo story telling adding on a cube as they branched out to describe stopping at a restaurant to enjoy seafood (crab) where they could see the lake and watch a sunset. In keeping with other Rory’s Story Cubes sets, Voyages includes many illustrations that are abstract enough to have a hint of a theme but can be used to represent a variety of concepts. The ladder can inspire a theme including firemen, climbing, washing windows, painting, entering, and even mountain climbing, while the crab represented the sea animal as well as the state of mind! Flowers also looked like gears and represented mechanical story lines as well as gardens. This little box of fun is full of language learning adventures as minds are stretched and stories are spun.

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