Only about 5% of the population can solve a Rubik’s cube. But that’s about to change. Rubik’s Coach Cube offers a stimulating learning experience that coaches players to learn how to successfully solve this popular puzzle in 8 steps. The guide includes written and pictured instructions, as well as videos for realtime learning. It fosters critical thinking, logic, problem-solving, following directions, and the value of learning through repetition.

The cube is covered in numbered stickers, 1-8. Each number corresponds to a step. For instance, Step 1 teaches to solve the Daisy (yellow center with 4 white squares surrounding). Players peel away the stickers as the move through solving each step. They’re supported by a visually detailed instructional guide and players can scan a QR code for video learning too.

Players learn the important sequenced moves, or algorithms) that are critical to solving a Rubik’s cube. It requires players to analyze patterns and think several steps ahead. This mental exercise not only sharpens problem-solving skills but also nurtures the ability to approach complex tasks with patience and creativity.

The Coach Cube gives a sense of confidence in players and instills a growth mindset, teaching players that challenging problems can be solved through effort and persistence. Through critical thinking, logic, problem-solving, following directions, and learning through repetition, it’s a great tool for fun and for caregivers and kids to learn together!

Available at Amazon, Target and Walmart