Rule_Crazy_BoxTop_300dpiThis early reading game, developed by a father-daughter team,  is truly “rule crazy” because the rules are so flexible since kids are in charge. Place the 84 illustrated reading cards in the sectioned tray by subject, verb and action. Silly sentences are generated . A hungry mouse, big booger, stinky sock or crazy crayons “may not,” “must never,” or “can always” eat a slimy worm, burp outloud, blow a bubble or hiccup at school. The possibilities are varied as kids flip over the cards or take a wild card to form their sentences. Beginning readers get a hoot out of the silliness and forget they are developing this important skill. A first grade teacher/mom declared, “My first graders would love this game. I can see a group of three kids cracking up and it would definitely help with reading skills.” First graders spend a lot of time talking about what composes a good sentence, a naming part+ action part, while second graders are identifying nouns and verbs. The different colored cards and sectioned tray help kids to learn what makes up a good sentence, making this a smart game for reading.

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