Safari Park Jr. by Smart Games is an educational adventure for young explorers and animal lovers. Through planning, problem-solving, and creativity, children puzzle or play as they navigate varying levels of difficulty to maneuver safari friends through pathways and passed obstacles to reach their goal.

Safari Park Jr. encourages players to strategize and plan their moves. Kids must think ahead to arrange the animal figurines from their unique starting positions to their end. However, they face some obstacles along the way. The giraffes are too tall to pass through the trees. The lion is not a fan of water, so it can only move around the edges of the safari. This planning aspect sharpens logical thinking and enhances their decision-making skills.

The game challenges children to understand spatial relationships between the animals’ movements and pathways on the game board. By manipulating the pieces within the space, kids develop spatial awareness, honing their ability to visualize and manipulate objects in their minds. Safari Park Jr. teaches the importance of making revisions and learning from mistakes. As children progress through the game, they encounter challenges that require adjustments. This iterative process fosters resilience and a growth mindset, where children learn that setbacks are opportunities to improve and succeed.

There’s even a fun opportunity for encouragement of pretend play. Kids loved to freestyle with the animal figures and interacted by creating unique stories within the safari theme. Pretend play is a vital aspect of childhood development, enhancing imagination, empathy, and social skills.

Safari Park Jr by Smart Games is a wild blend of entertainment and education, seamlessly integrating planning, spatial awareness, and the magic of pretend play. It provides a wholesome learning experience that prepares children for academic challenges while nurturing their creativity and empathy.

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