The Sago Mini Box packs all the best makings for play and language development into their monthly subscription boxes. Want to read? Check. Three different characters write letters to your little one about each activity, introducing new, rich vocabulary. Hands on play? You bet. With a little grown-up help, your little one will feel proud about creating their own play toys, following directions, and being a part of the learning process.

The box includes three different envelopes, each with a different activity centered around a theme, such as Planes, Pet Cafe, and Space Explorer. We were lucky enough to try out the “Tool Box” theme, building and fixing a home, which was the box it came in. We hammered nails, sawed wood, and built a playground. Language was rich and it all flowed so naturally. I loved the chances for repetition of prepositions (in/inside, on, next to), temporal concepts (first, next, then, last), and using fine motor skills. We matched shapes to hang pictures in the house, fix lights and floorboards, and take care of the lawn, reinforcing early academic concepts.

But wait… there’s more! When all the building was completed, the creativity didn’t stop. Pretend play began and our figurine, a gnome named Astrid, used all the new props we built- her bed, her fixed-up house, her trampoline, her slide, and more. Pretend play, which includes dramatic play and role playing, is when a child imitates familiar scenarios. For instance, my preschooler walked her to the playground and then put her down for a nap in her brand new bed that we built! Pretend play nurtures the child’s imagination and helps build social-emotional skills by using dialogue and even teaching empathy! The materials in your monthly subscription box are strong and sturdy, built to last for plenty of repeat play. But when you’re done playing, they’re all 100% recyclable. The Sago Mini Box is a incredibly thoughtful creation for your kiddo to learn and engage with language and learning.

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By Erika Cardamone MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathologist, Mom, toy reviewer, speaker, foodie, runner