Bear02_Beige_F_largeSammie has been by my side since I received him and was greeted with excitement by kids from 3 to 10 years of age! Sammie was right at home with a 3 year-old girl who scooped him up and brought him along for a ride down the slide and later took a little nap. A perfect companion for pretend play as kids cuddled, chatted and played with their new buddy, even a 10 year-old tween gave this 16″ premium bear a loving sigh and wanted a hug. Sammie’s soft fur was 3 years in the making to develop “the world’s first and only Certified Organic Fur Material” (organic hemp and organic cotton). Moms loved the look, some called him “vintage,” others just said, “Wow,” as they gave a squeeze and I told them the story behind Sammie and his teddy bear friends. Bears for Humanity clearly “walks the talk” of their mission to help those in need with their “Buy one, give one” premise where your purchase of their teddy bear insures that one just like it will be given to “children who experience hardships from loss and poverty.” What a great lesson for kids in generosity and compassion for those less fortunate. The bears are built by individuals participating in California’s welfare-to-work program, building their community. Feel good yet? I sure do. Kids get a new cuddle buddy to encourage pretend play and story-telling, building their language skills while Sammie’s existence represents building up individuals in need. That’s a win-win!

Available at Bears for Humanity. Click here