Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.40.00 AMPuppies and babies are to TV commercials as dinosaurs are to kids’ play. Kids perk up when discovering dinosaurs. Ravensburger’s Science X Dinosaur kit not only warrants that initial scrutiny, but delivers fun learning activities beyond the initial monster mash. It gives 8+ budding paleontologists their introductory Jurassic journey by way of six activities (build 3D T-Rex skeleton, excavate Megalosaurus tooth, assemble flying Pteranodon or create a nautilus fossil) using a colorful brochure and paleo tools, along with that which we more readily recognize Ravensburger’s excellence, high quality graphics in puzzles and models. This is definitely an entry level tour, and comes at a near stocking stuffer price of just over $10. Those with a more serious interest in this space will enjoy stepping up to its “fifteen activity, $45” big sister. The six activity dinosaur set has neat variety and quality, and is a worthy rainy day activity that would educate and spark imaginations, being the source of much new vocabulary and language-building relating to history, discovery, science, archeology and of course GGRROOooorrrrr … DINOSAURS! Sure beats television.

Available at Ravensburger. Click here