Searching for the perfect birthday gift for a one-year old? Hape’s Scoot Around Bike is it! This bike is excellent for for gross motor skills development, as new walkers strengthen muscles, practice balance, and test coordination.

This awesome bike encourages physical activity and is great for indoor or outdoor play. It has rubber-rimmed wheels, which make it safe to ride on your indoor flooring, without damage. But it’s also tough enough to handle sidewalks and driveways. The beautifully crafted, eco-friendly, wooden material creates a stable ride for your little one.

The Scoot Around Bike brought on quick confidence in our toddler rider. The bike became so much more as imaginations began to take over.  Not just a bike, but a bus, an ambulance, and even a shopping cart (the seat platform was just the right size to balance and push “groceries” around). It encouraged movement through riding, pushing, pulling, and our toy tester was practicing spatial awareness.

Hape’s versatile Scoot Around Bike is the perfect choice for a ride-on toy. It’s easy to transport, perfect for the park or inside your home. It’s the perfect size for adventurous riders to build muscle strength, practice balance, coordination, and imaginative play.

Available at Hape and Amazon