The Scribble Scrubbie series by Crayola is a PAL favorite and now introduces Wilbur, an adorable JUMBO pet. Scribble Scrubbies are designed to ignite creativity and foster developmental skills in children through pretend play. Wilbur’s movable legs and head add a dynamic element to playtime, making him a canvas for art and the best companion for imaginative adventures.

With all Scribbie Scrubbies, they’re designed to be drawn on! Using the included washable Crayola markers, kids love adding flair to their pets. Whether it’s a new collar, funky stripes, or unique tattoos, every doodle becomes part of their design and story.

Wilbur is a perfect pal for pretend play, encouraging children to create their own stories and scenarios. Imaginative play is crucial for cognitive development, promoting problem-solving skills, social-emotional regulation. They learn to navigate different social roles and situations, enhancing their empathy too.

There’s even more hidden learning in Scribble Srubbies when it comes to fine motor skills. Kids must carefully manipulate the markers, coloring on uneven surfaces to strengthen smaller muscles and enhance hand-eye coordination. The repetitive movement when cleaning with the scrub brush also help to build fine motor strength and coordination.

The Scribble Scrubbie Jumbo Wilbur by Crayola is biggest new friend in the line with dynamic movements to elevate play and imagination. It combines the joy of art, the fun of pretend play, and the developmental benefits of language and fine motor skill activities. Wilbur encourages children to explore their creativity, engage in meaningful play, and develop essential skills in an interactive way.

Available at Crayola and Target