Crayola’s famous Scribble Scrubbies are back and creating more language and storytelling with their new Ocean Pets Lagoon Playset.

These four familiar friends (Walter the whale, Coral the clownfish, Shelly the shark, Ollie the octopus), are ready to be decorated with 6 washable markers. Kids can express their artistic creativity and draw right on their ocean friends. When they’re ready for a new look, place them in the wide base lagoon that can fill with water. The starfish button dispenses water through the shower head for good clean fun.

Some of the awesome benefits to any Scribble Scrubbie pet are the incredible pretend play potential and the fine motor skill building. Children love to take on their pets’ personalities, create dialogue and initiate play sequences. They begin to use language to create a scene and exercise social-emotional skills during individual pretend play, or cooperative pretend play.

Fine motor skills are essential to development of small muscles in the hand, which can help with handwriting later on. Scribble Scrubbies promote fine motor skills when using the scrub brush to clean their pets. Pressing the Ocean Pets Lagoon’s starfish button to operate the shower can also help promote strength in these small hand/finger muscles.

The Scribble Scrubbies Ocean Pets Lagoon Playset is perfect gift to promote creativity, fine motor, pretend play, and imagination.

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