Crayola’s famous Scribble Scrubbie Pets have found new “homes” in their Backyard Bungalow and Cloud Clubhouse. If you haven’t heard of Scribble Scrubbies yet, they are adorable creatures that children can color on and wash off to create new looks over and over again. Drawing on these friends and scrubbing them with their included scrub brush is great for promoting fine motor, repetition of words and movements, and these guys are especially great for pretend play!

The Backyard Bungalow and Cloud Clubhouse includes 2 pets, 3 scented markers, a bath/shower, toys for their pets, and of course their very own take along habitat. Our toy testers loved the transportability of these houses as they packed up and carried it inside and outside for more story telling.

The benefits of pretend play and storytelling are bountiful in the young mind. Children use language in different play scenarios, which helps them to grow and master different vocabularies as play contexts changes. As cooperative play flourished in our toy testers, they negotiated their different roles, brought their own ideas to the play sequence, and flexed their social-emotional skills as they collaborated with each other. 

When the Backyard Bungalow and Cloud Clubhouse traveled outside, children used their pets in a whole new environment, incorporating even more of their outside world into play. Slides were moved and used for higher jumps, flying platforms, and landing zones were created. The versatility of the markers allowed for pets to change outfits depending on their environment or even their mood.

Scribble Scrubbie pets remain a favorite for children and parents for their extensive play value, fine motor promotion, and reusability for play on the go or at home.