Everyone’s favorite pets, Crayola’s Scribble Scrubbies, have found their newest dwellings in the Arctic Igloo, Safari Treehouse, and Scented Spa. Each of the take-a-long playsets is perfect for creative doodles and pretend play adventures.

Scribble Scrubbies offer a multidimensional play and learning experience. Children use their imaginations to set a scene for their animals, as they swing in their treehouse, relax on their spa bed, and warm up by the fire after a cold night. This newest trio of Scribble Scrubbie homes provides more contexts for rich imaginative play, as children expand vocabulary and dialogue for language, learning, and cognitive benefits.

Crayola’s Arctic Igloo, Safari Treehouse, and Scented Spa spark both independent and cooperative open-ended play amongst children, that help them understand others and build confidence and competence in social situations. These playsets also allow children to develop their creativity by scribbling, doodling, and drawing on their animals and then scrubbing them to do it all over again. Using their fine motor skills to pinch and grasp their markers and brushes, kids are honing in on skills for later academic success for pencil grip and handwriting.

We love the endless play opportunities that Scribble Scrubbies provide for growing minds. New features like the color changing Arctic animals (turns blue when put in cold water!), tattoos for the treehouse pets, and scented spray for the spa dwellers, provide even more playtime fun for kids with an added sensory experience.

When children engage in the rich pretend play that Scribble Scrubbie playsets offer, they interact with each other in an effective way to learn important early skills. Role playing and taking on new perspectives offers opportunities to grow their language and cognitive skills while having the most fun!

Available at Amazon, Target, and Scented Spa available exclusively at Walmart