Judging from the questions I get from parents, they are most confused on what are good toys to get their toddlers. Seedling knows what feeds little minds and imaginations with their new line, “Seedling Littles.”  “Under the Sea Puppet Playtime” comes in a toddler sized tote with the message, “To Sea or Not to Sea,” begging to be opened to find an underwater layout that can be set out flat or propped up for the scene in a puppet show. Kids slip their finger through a loop behind the turtle, wave, seal, seahorse, octopus or whale and get the story going with the felt finger puppets. They can swim or float through the seaweed, coral, anchor, crown, treasure chest, clam, crab or fish for a little sea party. When my friend animated her puppet, she was exercising essential language skills creating dialogue and stories, solving problems and navigating the ocean. “Here’s an octopus,” she announced as it floated across the sea. This set is not only portable in the tote but also its characters can go anywhere finger puppets can go, swimming into the kitchen or playroom.

Available at Seedling. Click here