Secret Squad is the perfect pocket size game that tests how well you know your friends. Intended for 3 to 10 players, each player secretly receives a card indicating if they’re on the red squad or the yellow squad. Question cards are then laid out. Members of the red squad answer the red question, members of the yellow squad answer the yellow question. Players answer proposed questions and place their unique player token under “YUP” or “NOPE.”

After three rounds, it’s time to guess who is on your squad, based on how teammates answered. It’s a hilarious game of deduction as you sift through each question/answer combination. 

Questions vary from personality questions, such as “Are you a social butterfly?,” experience questions like “Have you ever gone skydiving?” and even a few personal questions like “Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?” Some questions ignite a whole conversation requiring proof and demonstration. For instance “Can you fit your whole hand in your mouth?,” “Do you know 5 words in Latin?,” and “Can you do more than 20 push-ups?”

Combining knowledge and logic, making deductions to find your squad members is a fun and engaging cognitive skill. Without knowing, we’re using our deduction and reasoning skills throughout the day to draw important conclusions about the world around us. Secret Squad hones in on those higher level cognitive skills and brings conversational flare to gameplay.